Did you know that homelessness affects 3 million Americans annually? Or the fact that 1.2 million of these people report mental illness issue? Homelessness and mental illness!!! Why most of the people who suffer from mental illness are homeless? Is it because how the system works?

Most of the people I asked say it is because of the system, you have to take your own decisions (which is how is supposed to be) but what if you can’t, Who will do that? The answer is NO ONE. If you didn’t sign specific papers you won’t be able to receive any help, even your family can’t.

Few months ago, I came to know this homeless woman. I see her almost every day, I greet her and she does the same, but she needs help, she refused to sign any papers that the social worker suggested in order to receive help. We contacted the department of behavioral health and they came to talk with her and myself. A few minutes later, they decided to leave, I was shocked!!! That’s it, that’s all you can do? They asked if she is dangerous or try to threaten any one before? No she didn’t, and yes she is dangerous on herself, she is delusional and she sleeps on the street and she has health problems. But guess what that the system and that’s how it works.

So if you can’t take such decisions and if your family can’t, you end up alone, untreated and in most cases you end up in the streets. Some families decide to let go because simply they can’t do anything.


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