We are not divided into groups of different color, race, cast, creed, religion or nationality. We are divided into good souls and, bad souls. That is the only division I see, where ever I go. You are either a good guy, or a bad guy. You are either a hero, or a Villain. You are either a saint, or a devil.

The world has these two main groups of human beings. The humanly-humans and the inhuman-humans.

The humanly-humans get along with each other. The inhuman-humans also get along with each other. These two groups just don’t get along that well, together. You may see people of the same color, same race, many other similarities, being totally different, when it comes to being human.

People who will lift you up, when you are down, will not care for how different you appear. People who want to harm you, will not care for how similar to them, you look. Angels and devils, both come in all colors, shapes and sizes.

Unfortunately, it is not even in one’s own hands to choose to be one of the two types. It is in one’s stars. It is one’s fate.

I love reading people. I read faces, I read hands and I read stars. After reading thousands of people for over fourteen years, I came to this conclusion, and it’s a good news, that you can never be sure which one of the two you are. You may appear evil today, but that is not final, because you are always a work in progress. You may be the good guy, and your environment may have forced you into being inhuman for some time, but you can try to be what you are destined to be; the hero.

Oh, I’m making it sound like everybody wants to be a hero. There are some sad souls out there, who enjoy being evil. Who love destruction. Sad for them, it will not lead to anything worthwhile in the end. Peace is the best way to choose, for yourself and for others.

Life is like a kaleidoscope. The colors, the reflecting glass, the broken pieces, the designs you see as you turn it, that is like this life. Never stays the same. Expect good, and strive to discover your potential to be from among the humanly-humans.


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