October 19th, 2018 was a special day.

That day, I had my first drink at Starbucks after 5 months and 5 days in America (yes people, I am serious and 200% honest. I did go to Starbucks before but never for a drink.), and it turned out to be one of the must-dos for fall in general and Halloween in particular.

*Pumpkin spice latte* (aka #psl)  here it is:

(Image credited to Mike Bacos – My lovely colleague at Buffett Institute for Global Studies

That day was also the National Women’s Day in my home country, Vietnam. The actual day is October 20th, but thanks to the 12-hour time difference, I was able to celebrate it 12 hours in advance over here. My first Vietnamese Women’s Day abroad, and I was so lucky to have spent it with my dear colleague, Jessica and got to try #psl as a treat from her.

Meet Jessica – my incredible colleague as well as unofficial local ambassador ❤️

And me – your lovely fellow fellow 

Thanks to Jessica and this experience, I have relearnt my favorite lesson in life which is “Women can always make women happy, and we don’t need a man to be happy, instead to be happier”.

Kind snacks at Starbucks

Be kind & Have a beautiful Halloween season to all the beautiful women that I know and don’t know out there!!!

Evanston, IL – October 31st, 2018