Feedback is a response to a product, task, processes used as basis for improvement. For continuous improvement and learning, feedback plays an important role. You can categorize it in different way: positive/negative, constructive/destructive. I would like to pin point the opening dialect of feedback and how important it is to use right words and then move forward. Giving these two example would be an easy approach to explain my thought:

Type 1

It is not acceptable.

You are not capable of doing this!

Your idea is outdated.

Type two

Your idea was good but you can revise the structure this way….

I am happy that you put efforts in it and you can make it better through…

I can see your capability but you can present these things in some different way like…

The difference between these two types is so obvious to explain the importance of opening dialect. I observed these two types in two different leaders and the outcome was totally different. While using type two, there is high probability to win the trust of your team members and utilize their skills and capabilities for achieving common goals.

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