I would like to share an old story that has always helped me to power through life’s endless troubles!

A couple decided to go for a sea trip.  After a few days in the water, a huge storm broke out, winds and waves raging the ship until the water started to fill up the ship.  Panic and fear spread among all passengers. The ship’s captain announced that there is a very small chance that they would survive. He said that they would need a miracle of God to make it.


The wife was so panic and did not know what to do. She went running looking for her husband to stay together or to try to escape form this disaster. For her surprise, she found her husband sitting quiet in a corner. She got so angry and accused him of coldness and indifference. He then pulled out his dagger and put it on her neck. He asked her in all seriousness and in a sharp voice if she was afraid of the dagger? She looked at him and said no!  He asked her why? She said because it was on the hand of whom she trust and love.  The husband took the dragger away from her neck. He said that exactly why I was quiet.  He continued saying that this ship, the high waves, and the wind were all controlled by my God whom I trust and love. He then asked her why should I be panic?.

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