The concept of failure is not as the failure itself. It relates on how you deal with a failure. Everyone in his/her life has to deal with one or more failures in various fields. The point is not what happens, is what you do with what’s happened.
A New Frame for Failure
F: Failure
A: Always
I: Invites
L: Learning

A failure can be of different magnitude and intensity. It can be a catastrophe like the TITANIC or just forgetting your child birthday.

Why celebrate Failure??
Many development organizations are currently piloting the idea of celebrating failures called the Fai Fest. Fail Fest is a celebration of failures. Fail Fest was founded based on the idea that innovation and success are possible because of failures. When we fail, if we have the courage and strength to dust ourselves off and give it another go, we open the door to possibilities. Fail Fest is a celebration of those possibilities. It’s a day for us to learn from mistakes and plan for future.
The failure fest is an emerging concept which has been adopted as a regular annual event by the USAID and other international organizations like CARE, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, FHI 360, the Florida Philanthropic Network, Plan International and others. Failure festivals are organized by institutions and Washington DC fail fest is one of the events that take place every year in DC which is attended by participants from corporate as well as the nonprofit sector.
In my current job, I organized a Fail Fest for my organization which was a pretty one yet learning event.
If you want to learn more about failure festival visit and learn how you can organize fail-fest for your organizations or companies.

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