We hear everyone but not many manage to make us listen to what they say, depending on what type of person you are, you might care you might not whether people listened to you or not, but there are several occasions in which neither one of us would disagree that we want to be listened to, pitching to a crowd of investors is definitely one. In most occasions you would not be the only person to pitch in front of that crowd, after a pitch, two or three all pitches start to sound dull, so how can you be that purple cow that stands out? Luckily, our Greek fellas have come up with a formula for success; that is summed as: (Ethos, Pathos, Logos), so what is ethos; this element of the formula has to do a lot with your credibility and reliability as a person, by projecting your ethics and high morality during your pitch, while Pathos: is another persuasive technique that has to deal with engaging with your audience emotionally, there are many ways to create that emotional appeal; you could use humor, or stories, provoking curiosity, fear or any other emotion that suites your narrative, and lastly, Logos: and that is the most basic element of any presentation or pitch, it is appealing to your audience’s logic often by showing statistics and facts. Now that you have the recipe, the rest is your responsibility to be creative, confident, and one remarkable unforgettable purple cow that everyone would invest in.