Mostly when we read, discuss, and even feel a change is coming, some may fear it and run, others freeze and avoid it, and could even manage to keep and maintain the status quo…

Lots of books were written about how to manage change and how we can and should deal with new situations, new people, new locations, new management… but what if the fear of change was just a first-time perception; what if it’s just a fear of the unknown, not the change itself.

In the same way, naturally, we come in a certain point in life when we dive into personal or professional routines, and naturally, intentionally or unconsciously, we start looking for making changes and start “breaking” standards and rules or at least habits: trying a new drink, clothes style, passions, change our daily itinerary to work….

No matter if we like those small changes or not, those small experiences can answer many obvious and personal question: do we like or not this new change? Are we made for it? Are we, or do we feel better? Whatever the answers are to those questions: it’s a good experience

Now let’s take it to the next level and imagine big changes in our life: New job, new country, new lifestyle… And Whatever the outcomes, is it not a great opportunity to learn, grow and discover more about ourselves and maybe about others, with new horizons, opportunities and perceptions?

Since many years, I believe and keep saying that CHANGE is the only constant in the universe. Like it or not, want it or not, many changes will happen, so better to embrace changes!

I always remember, my 100 m Bungee Jump in 2014 (with all the thoughts and feelings before and after the Big Jump), when I want to make changes in my life, small or big, personnel or professional, but always with a sense of risk mitigation. 2015 was the year when I step out of the corporate world to make my first real steps in the Social Innovation field. 2017, was the year when I decided to start new adventures that helped me better understand and initiate my purpose. 2019 was the year when I decided to take it to the next level and leave my country for a year to explore a new me, personally and professionally: All the previous changes, and many others, were great opportunities to prepare and shape the next one and for that I am grateful!

Today, I am writing those words right after a full day team workshop with my host organization as we are seeking new top management changes:  Learning from past great experiences and achievements, sharing thoughts and aspirations, shaping futures expectations…

Four months since I started this new chapter of my professional journey as an Atlas Corps Fellow with different personnel experiences. What I am sure about so far is that I changed and I will not be back in my country being the same person. My roots are still solid with all my values and beliefs that I am proud to belong to and actually making me who I am. But I know that leafs changed, or so far, undergoing changes, accompanied by an optimistic perception for the upcoming chapters. Remember: Maybe all this could not happen if I didn’t embrace the Changes

I am not giving any lessons or best practices here, just sharing some thoughts and life experiences.

Change will happen: You may fear it, or embrace it. You may shape it or go through it!

About the Author:

Yassine Bentaleb (C37) is an entrepreneur and consultant, with a strong interest in Human Empowerment, Social Innovation, and the 4th Industrial Revolution (Tech4Good). He holds a Master of Engineering in Information Systems from Mohammedia School of Engineers (2010), accumulated rewarding experiences with different corporates and international NGOs (IBM, P&G, Lenovo, Enactus) and a Certified Executive Coach from Marshall Goldsmith (2017). Yassine is the founder of CitizenUp CivicTech platform (2019), and The Moroccan Butterfly initiative, (2017).
Volunteering passionate and a Dots Connector, he is also a Global Shaper (WEF Community), a US Professional Fellow on Civic Engagement (2018) and a StartingBloc Fellow (2020). Yassine currently serves as an Atlas Corps Fellow at Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship dedicated to the Women’s Economic Empowerment initiative to build a stronger pipeline of program-ready, female-led and/or female-focused social entrepreneurs, Partnership development with other organizations with networks of female-led/focused social entrepreneurs in the Bay Area & around the world and Analysis of the major barriers for women-led/focused social enterprises through Data Analysis and Impact Measurement.