I went to Canada during the Christmas break.
I stayed there about 1 week.
It was fantastic and relaxing since Vancouver is not as crowd as Washington DC.

When I entered Canadian border by car, everything was quite smooth. I did not have to pay or get off from the car.
I just showed my passport to the Canadian officer. That was it.

So, I was thinking it would be okay on the way back to the states as nothing special happened to me when I was passing the border.

I enjoyed my time in Canada eating lots of good food and hanging out with my friends.

1 week has passed so quickly. Here’s the time to go back to Washington DC.

I bought some Korean snacks and I was very happy at Korean market.

Then, I got on the bus to Seattle and felt no worried at all.

I got off at the border and took out my luggage to the custom.

I was in line and people shortly passed the custom, so I thought I will not spend time a lot on interview with the American officer.

When the time came,
this American officer asked me, “Where are you going?”,
I said “Washington DC.”
he asked me “What are you doing there?”
I said “I am doing the fellowship.”
He asked “Do you have DS 2019?”
I said “I have a visa in my passport.”
he said “I know, but you need to have DS 2019.”
I said “ah. I see.”
he said “Whenever you travel, you should bring DS 2019.”
I said “Aha.”
he said “Aha is not okay. You need to bring it.”
I was little panic because nothing happened to me before.
I thought he would not let me in. I was really panic.

But then he said “You should bring DS 2019 every time you travel. Kamsahamnida (thank you in Korean)”

and I was very relived……wow….

So from now on, I learned that whenever I travel which you have to pass the custom, you must carry DS 2019!

HI Fellows, please carry DS 2019 to be safe!

Lesson learn with the luck!

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