I am addicted to adrenaline. I’m addicted to the feeling in my stomach every once in a while.

That is why my favorite saying from How I Met Your Mother is Barney’s catchphrase, “Challenge accepted!”

I often challenge myself at different stages because I do not like to spend too much time in my comfort zone. Since I was 18, I made a personal commitment: to try different extreme activities every year. I’ve tried snowboarding, skiing, paragliding, bungee jumping, being lost in the jungle, in the desert, climbing a snow covered mountain, or just going to the rollercoaster park that is 15 minutes from my house. I do all of that just to satisfy my thirst for adrenaline.

However, during the last four years I’ve had one of the most exciting ideas: skydiving, diving through the sky at thousands of feet above the ground.

Thus, on New Year’s Eve in 2015, I wrote this amazing challenge in bold on that ambitious and long bucket list that we all generally make! I started to save money from the very first week of January of that New Year to complete this challenge!

As you know, during the next few weeks and months, life came up with a few sweet surprises, one of them brought me here to the north of our beautiful continent. However, I could accomplish this challenge anywhere in the world.

When I came here, I bought a big planner and opened the page to July. I pointed to the 4th and scheduled my jump on one of the most important dates for all Americans. So, I saved the date, a meaningful 4th of July for me as well, and the best place to do it would be PHILLY!

The adrenaline was on its way, once I heard the sound of the aircraft’s engine. I saw the view from my window, as we rose higher and higher. I was able to see everything: the trees, the mountains, the lakes, all so small…

What an amazing feeling, to discover yourself, to see how you react in uncertain situations, and to discover your courage to try new things!

We had arrived 2 hours earlier, and as if she was simply asking if I wanted a hamburger, the cashier asked me if I wanted to add 5 thousand more feet! Why not? Increase the number to the highest!!!!

The instructor stepped to the door and all I needed to hear was “3-2-1”and I jumped!!! Without knowing how or where I would be touching the ground. There I was!!! Flying, swimming through the clouds! I was feeling so big seeing everything from above, but feeling so small at the same time amongst all of that immensity!:

That was my way of celebrating the 4th of July, cheers for liberty and for the jumps we take in life without fear, without conditions, without doubts!

Look at your life from the top, you have to get a perspective from the top of the mountain because that is how you will feel giant, unique, and strong. The jumps and adrenaline are waiting to feed your passion! Do not waiste your hours, weeks, years, sitting on your sofa and watching TV.. Challenge yourself, Jump! Get out, and live!!!!

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