I want to share with my story about how diverse Atlas Corps is! I begin the story from GLL last week.

Since I met various people from all over the world, it was quite exciting to know each other’s countries.
Whenever I met people at GLL, I heard many different names which I am not familiar with even now. Because of this reason, I had a quite hard time to remember people’s names. (But, I do want to stress out that I met so many awesome people!)

I usually say hi to people with their names, “Hi, Jenny” like this.
However, I kept saying only ‘Hi’ to people without calling their names…..I felt so bad that I don’t remember people’s names.
Then, I ran into this girl at the bathroom and I said “Hi!”. She smiled and asked me…
“Jenny! Do you remember my name?”
Oh man…I was quite embarrassed that I can’t recall her name right away……..
Fortunately, I got her name right! Yeah!

Another story, my roommate introduced someone to me during the break at GLL.
When she introduced me to him and he said “Welcome!”, then I asked “Is your name Welcome?” and he laughed and said “No, I welcome you”
Since I met many different people with various names, I thought his name is Welcome haha so funny!

Last story, my class was selecting and writing our executive and I was confused the candidate’s name that I am going to select. His name is ‘Diego’, but then I wrote his name on the paper ‘San Diego’. LOL.
I told my other fellow friends this story and then this girl asked “Santiago? the city in Chile?” and I said “No, San Diego”. She did not know what San Diego is and I told her San Diego is a city in California. So, she got to learn about California a bit.

So many funny stories through fellowship!

Atlas Corps is giving me so much fun with the diversity!



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