Since the advent of solar energy, one factor in particular has fueled criticism and prevented even the most enthusiastic would-be solar customers from “going solar”: the upfront cost. Even now in 2018 when solar energy is cheaper that never the upfront cost is still high, besides that cost there are others obstacles to install rooftop solar, Sometimes a tree is shading their home, or they have poor rooftop orientation or structural problems.

What if you could sign up for solar energy without paying any extra costs and with out rooftop installation? this is possible with Community solar, Community solar is a solar power plant (sometimes referred as a solar farm or solar garden) whose electricity is shared by more than one household. So with Community solar people can go solar for free, but that is not the only good news with community solar people also can reduce their electric bills in a 10%.

Sound too good to be true? Community solar is free because people are not buying panels, it’s a subscription to the electricity they generate. people don’t need to worry about maintaining, cleaning or recycling them, nor paying a steep cost. Solar developer partners take care of all of that, and you get the credit for supporting local solar energy.

Community solar opens the options to participate in clean energy, it’s still a new initiative bur fortunately is growing, hopefully it will be in some years a global initiative.

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