In my opinion, I think that California is the best state in the US and this is why?

The weather: The weather in California is Mediterranean-ish and has long hot summers and mild winters. When you live in California you will not be freezing and will never need to wear heavy-duty winter clothing. But should you want to sky or play with the snow, the city has a lot of natural parks with mountains where it snows. San Francisco might be an exception due to the fog but in my opinion, the fog adds a lot of charm to the beauty of the city.

The attractions: California has a ton of attractions to visit for people of all ages an interest, such as Disney land, Universal studies, Golden Gate bridge, Hollywood walk of fame and Yosemite park.

The beaches: If you ever visit California then Los Angeles is a city that you must visit not because of Hollywood but for its magical beaches, whether you are in Santa Monica or Venice, going to the beach in LA is a unique experience. PS: they say that working out at Muscle Beach gym gives you twice the results.

The diversity and the people: California is a very diverse state, don’t be surprised to find people from all the countries even the ones that you’ve never heard of living there, locals in California are very welcoming and love to learn about other people’s cultures.

Finally, if you ever decide to take cool photos in the US or want to run from the cold weather in your city then California is your destination.

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