With a network of around 775+ Fellows from 96 countries specializing in a diverse array of professional fields, many Atlas Corps Alumni and current Fellows are making inspiring progress with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It is time to celebrate the achievements of our amazing network and share advice on how we can all do our part to protect and support each other.

Today we want to talk with our Aluma Julie (Class 26, Zambia) who is providing basic water and sanitation services in rural Zambia with Living Water International Zambia. Currently, about 34.6 percent of people in Zambia live without access to safe water, and 56.1 percent lack access to improved sanitation which is a major issue because water is the foundation of development and feeds into all other social and productive sectors.

Thank you Julie for everything that you do to ensure the habitable living conditions of communities and create a better future. We wish you all the best with this impactful work! 

Name: Julie Mabala Lwando

Home Country: Zambia

Current Organization: Living Water International Zambia

Role at current organization: Design, M&E Manager for Water and Sanitation Programs

Social Issues that you have worked with: Clean water and sanitation


Tell us about your current projects?

At Living Water International Zambia I mostly focus on projects centered on providing basic water and sanitation services to under-served communities in rural areas in Zambia. My duties and responsibilities include: analyzing and managing quantitative and qualitative data for the national programs to support program management and accountability; verifying and validating at least 10% of the data reported; capacity building of program staff in monitoring and evaluation (M&E): planning, reviews, document lessons, implementing M&E training programs; coordinating and facilitating action research on important issues in the water and sanitation sector; implementing baselines, evaluations, monitoring activities, studies and other data collection instruments for the purposes of learning; and, supporting proposal writing and other fundraising activities.

Why is it important for you to work with that social issue?

I work with water and sanitation services because of the joy I get from being part of the efforts to lift communities out of poverty. It is a pleasure to witness families in poverty-stricken communities receive water knowing that the diarrhea cases and the burden of disease especially among children reduces; that children will have more time for play, school, and other activities; that women can have extra time for being productive especially considering that the burden of fetching water weighs heavily on women and children. Generally, the entire community is uplifted from gaining access to clean water and sanitation. 

How has Atlas Corps contributed to your professional/ personal accomplishments?

The network of Fellows and other professionals I met during the Fellowship has been valuable to this date because it has provided me with a platform for sharing resources for learning, full time work and consultancy opportunities. On a personal level, the friendships I made have proved to be both long-lasting and fulfilling. I am always sharing notes with my friends across the world and we hope and plan to visit each other soon after the current global health pandemic.

What message would you like to send to individuals who are thinking of supporting Atlas Corps?

Look at it as an opportunity to help prospective global change leaders realize their professional and personal goals to create a better tomorrow!

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