Youth-run lemonade stands are a favorite fundraising pastime. How many of those youth will use the money they raised to change lives? Josie Droz (9, Bellevue, WA) started her own charity called Josie’s Well after raising 30 dollars through running a lemonade stand in her neighborhood. The charity builds wells in small villages in Ghana to bring access to clean drinking water to the local population. Josie’s Well has given opportunities for girls like Josie for better health, education, and more dignified living conditions.

After raising 30 dollars, Josie researched the most critical global issues and chose to dedicate her life to providing safe clean water to people in need. Data shows that 3 million Ghanaians currently face clean water scarcity. Further, the majority of the population do not have access to improved sanitation, and, as a result, they are vulnerable to diseases caused by unsafe water. After having a conversation with a local NGO, Josie realized that building wells is a possible solution that can heavily impact the quality of life in Africa. Clean water will mean more for little girls, like Josie, than not having to walk several hours every day to get water for their families. Those girls will be able to spend more time in schools, be healthier and will have a chance to break out of poverty cycle.

A 9-year-old showcased her organizational talent and implemented all the necessary steps to build the first well in a Ghanaian village. With the help of local businesses and schools, Josie raised awareness about the issue of unsafe water in Ghana and raised 10,000 dollars to start the construction. When the well was finally installed at a primary school last August and many Ghanian kids gained access to clean drinking water, Josie became a source of inspiration for many of her classmates. They saw that a very young talented person has the capacity to change the lives of many others by thorough planning, mobilizing the right resources, and dedication.

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