Wondering why I am writing this?

It is about my first ever travel to a foreign country and arriving in New York. It all started after the Atlas Corps Fellowship orientation week ended in Washington, DC and I arrived at the Union Station, DC. Since from the beginning (when I was in Pakistan), I had a clear idea my luggage is more than I should have packed (disclaimer: I am a girl – what do you expect). Also coming from a typical Pakistani family, we like to take everything from home even to the smallest possible events and not to forget this was a year travel. 🙂

Cutting it short, I somehow managed to arrive at the Union Station then guess what? To transport my three big bags to the second floor (how ironic – the bus station was the second floor), found a porter (appeared to be a gentlemen) who asked for $ 20, which I had no option but to pay (wish had a choice). Fast forward, while boarding the bus, the ticket checker asked for additional $60 dollars (yes you can laugh – I was laughing as well, conscious as well because it was the first time I was taking the bus here – please note: Atlas Corps booked 12 seats for 6 people to accommodate luggage). I requested, begged and lastly made the puppy face and paid $ 30.

Fast forward after 5 hours of traffic, good music, shining sun and snapchatting new things back home. I made it to the 7th Avenue 27th Street, New York. Trust me, I was blown away by the first look at the city entrance, word STUNNING can’t do justice with the experience. A friend (who is an Atlas Fellow from Class 29) came to pick me and the struggle of finding Uber started (yup! You can laugh again – I know I had terrible luck that day). We tried booking three Uber, one after the other because the drivers kept cancelling the ride because apparently I was at equator and they couldn’t find me, to my surprise every driver deducted $ 5 dollars of waiting at the gateway of heaven for me. Finally managed to guide the fourth driver and made it to her place in Flushing!

You must be wondering what is the purpose of writing this experience?, Let me tell you, you will get anxious, excited, it can be extremely overwhelming once you reach here especially if you are from a country like Pakistan and it’s your first ever foreign travel – but trust me after four weeks in this city, I am confident enough to say I am kind of falling in love with the city, people, vibe, weather (not really) and my work place :). I love how I get to take subway every day, meet new people and how welcoming Teach for All team is. So hold on future Atlas Fellows! It is worth every second. #YouCanNeverLose

Can’t wait to see what is more in the Atlas Corps Fellowship magic bag for the coming month! #Cheers!



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