As I conclude my time as an Atlas Corps Fellow, I thought to share a list of things that would definitely be interesting for anyone visiting or serving as a fellow in Evanston OR Chicago OR the Midwest. These are arranged in no specific order so if in Chicago, feel free to start anywhere on the list and tick them off. They are inspired by my time as a fellow here and also by my amazing team at the Buffett Institute who came up with a ‘Before leaving Chicago/the USA, Cate must….’ list. Hope they are helpful!

  1. Go berry/cherry picking in Chicago
  2. Go Skydiving either in Chicago or Milwaukee (Groupon has great deals on this!)
  3. Go swimming in Lake Michigan (be safe!)
  4. Bike between Evanston and Chicago along the lakefront trail
  5. Take a bike ride at the Chicago Botanic Garden
  6. Go paddle boarding on Lake Michigan
  7. Go kayaking on Lake Michigan
  8. Take a road trip to one of the states neighboring Illinois
  9. If you choose to take a road trip to Wisconsin, stop by Wisconsin Dells and enjoy the waterparks
  10. Go hiking at Starved Rock State Park
  11. Visit a farmer’s market

See part 2 for more of the list.

PS: Here is a video with tons more stuff:

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