Olumide Idowu – GPS Participant

My heart and passion are what drives me and I like to believe I am a successful leader due to this. It doesn’t matter where I am, being kind, caring and determined are the key ingredients to success and I carry them with me wherever I go. I want to inspire people to go further.

Olumide Idowu Class 33 Atlas Corps Fellow

As an Atlas Corps Fellow from Nigeria serving at Creating IT Futures, I was fortunate to have my application accepted to built my potential internally and professionally by giving me this humble opportunity to be part of the global leaders that attended the Global Pathfinder Summit the University of Virginia (UVA) in Charlottesville on the 20th-24th of May. This prestigious event gives emerging leaders like me the chance to hear from dozens of internationally renowned speakers discussing topics pertaining to today’s youth and the challenges they will face over the next several decades, such as global health and poverty, food insecurity, climate change and the state of global democracy.

Atlas Corps Fellow at the Global Pathfinder Summit

The Global Pathfinder Summit is a signature event of American Evolution, Virginia’s 400th-anniversary Commemoration in partnership with the Presidential Precinct (the restored homes of U.S. presidents Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and James Monroe, all near Charlottesville) and the grounds of the UVA.

The summit helps me in gaining perspectives, strategies, and tools necessary to create sustainable change in local and global communities. I was able to connect with other civically-engaged youth from around the world that focus on important topics such as the impact of youth movements on global challenges, civic education, and the state of global democracy today. It was awesome.

Having attended several leadership conferences across the world am grateful for this great learning experience different young people and leaders across the globe that impact my thinking around youth movements on global challenges, civic education, and the state of global democracy. It’s an opportunity for me to learn. 

I am super excited with the set of a cadre of internationally-renowned speakers, a participant in all interactive workshops, exploring the community service engagement.

The best part of the summit is meeting other people who are in similar positions as I and learning how they handle the things they go through it. Sometimes you think that you’re doing things one way and it’s the only way. Then, you see another person doing it differently and they have a lot more to give. That is what I planned to learn and I got that with the diverse set of people during the summit.

I left with a fresh perspective and confidence in been equipped with an understanding of how youth build a movement and the role of civic engagement in all sectors.

With the President of
The Presidential Precinct

I am very happy to be featured in the interview with CBS19 NEWS on “Volunteers clean up IX Art Park with Global Pathfinder Summit” Link Here: https://www.cbs19news.com/content/news/Volunteers-from-around-the-world-clean-up-IX-Art-Park-with-United-Way-510218031.html

My takeaways from this Summit from the different session are as follows:

When you are POOR you have no DREAM – @KennedyOdede

If your idea can change a room, then is possible to change the nation. – @BarackObama

We should see leadership as a way of life rather a position. We need to start seeing leadership as taking responsibility. – @DSamsonItodo

The more localized a MOVEMENT is the more IMPACT it goes! – @DSamsonItodo

Building a MOVEMENT is all about PEOPLE, IDENTITY & COLLECTIVE ACTIONS. – @DSamsonItodo

Founding an organization is like starting a band, joining a movement is like being a member of an orchestra without a conductor. In a movement, it is much more challenging (perhaps impossible) to have everyone play in the same key. But you can make much more noise.

You need to determine & define who will be part of your movement when starting or building a movement. – @DSamsonItodo

RELATIONSHIP is KEY in building MOVEMENT & Structure Leadership is needed when building a MOVEMENT. – @DSamsonItodo

Community Service at AX Park in Virginia

Change is a #PROCESS, not an #EVENT. Movement is driven by principles & values. – @DSamsonItodo

Been a leader is for you to connect with your people.

If you are in this business of politics to make MONEY, is better to doing something else. – @ComradeRalph Prime Minister of Saint Vincent & the Grenadine

“Anytime you get cynical with people, get out of leading people” – @ComradeRalph, Prime Minister of St. Vincent & the Grenadines

If you do it right you will get it right. Nothing is too difficult. – @ComradeRalph Prime Minister of Saint Vincent & the Grenadine

Great leaders make HISTORY – @ComradeRalph Prime Minister of Saint Vincent & the Grenadine

“Don’t strive to kill a system, seek to improve it” “Stop seeking material things and it would come to you. Stop seeking attention and it will come to you” organically. “Act, observe, learn and respond”

You have to change the system from inside & create a super network. – @Ghonim

The best way to solve the system or problem is to bring people together. – @Ghonim

When you provide values, people will notice you. Equilibrium is an inside thin, not an outside thing. – @Ghonim

#2019GPS Plant and animals don’t lie. They show us how #ClimateChange is real. – @EnergyDeborah

We need to look at #ClimateChange in the view of Govt., NGOs, Business, Teach & Academics in other to provide solutions. – @EnergyDeborah

We need to give more observation & attention to ourselves (#MentalHealth) – @lizisilva

As an entrepreneur it is so important we use our network sustainably. – @ChangeAgentSA

Together we so much stronger if we give room for women to take responsibility. – @ChangeAgentSA

SwaRnima Shrestha Atlas Corps Fellow Class 33

I will end by saying that, It is not over until it’s over. Let’s keep impacting our generation and build a movement that will influence change and policies. #LetsDoMore

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