It’s Sunday July 15, football fans around the World are all excited, France is gonna play against Croatia, everyone is tuned on their TV or live streaming website … in the meantime it’s 6:55 AM PST here. Football fans in the Bay area have to take a decision, either sleep longer on a weekend day or watch the world cup final. It was a busy week for me at the fellowship so I decided to sleep, and had to wake up an hour later only to check the score, then by the time I finished preparing breakfast the most interesting part of the game is over, I have missed the world cup as the broadcast time wasn’t suitable for me. Living in North Africa allows to watch all the games in their normal time, I miss home for this.

I would need to wait 4 years from now to watch the world cup again in a normal time, but who knows where will I be by that time, only god knows.

In the end thanks for everyone for sharing the live streaming links with me, they are pretty useful to watch the games on phone while working 😛

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