H is for ‘hypercharged’. This is the right word to describe the passing year.

It’s been almost a year had passed after entering Atlas Corps Fellowship and started serving at VOA-Russia in DC. The beginning of 2017 looked promising, and at the end of 365 days I must say – it was much more than I expected, in many regards.

Can’t say there were no difficulties. Something was predictable, something went as a total surprise. And now I could say that the year was loaded with strong – mostly positive – emotions. There were happy and joyous moments, heartbreaking moments, bitter-sweet and awkward moments. And I believe all these experiences made me a better person.

After the first day at my host, I realized that it’s truly a match. I’m lucky I’ve joined this amazing team of creative people. I’ve learnt a lot and still continue this journey. We start the fellowship with a personalized training plan – to grow as professionals, which is the main point of the fellowship. The initial plan is fulfilled now, and I feel like there’s so much more to learn!

I’ve met a lot of amazing, talented and caring people here in the U.S. Many of them became my friends. I do appreciate their care, constructive feedbacks, love and support. 2017 would be much less fun without them. I’ll keep and cherish this in my heart. 

And, of course, I’m grateful to Atlas Corps and VOA-Russia. This year of amazing experiences wouldn’t be possible without them.

Overall, I was fortunate in 2017.

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