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The Password

Many people think that peace is the absence of war and characterized by a lack of conflict and absence of hostility. Though the definition of peace can be different from a different perspective all can agree it goes beyond the absence of violence and war.

The Global Peace Index, a product of the Institute for Economics and Peace, measured the position of nations and regions peacefulness and rank country around the world using three broad themes; the level of safety and security in a society, the extent of domestic and international conflict, and degree of militarization.

Based on the finding the five countries that identified as a most peaceful countries are Iceland, Denmark, Australia, Portugal, and New Zealand. On the other hand Syria, Afghanistan, South Sudan, Central African Republic and Iraq identified to be the least peaceful.

The sad fact is, according to the report the world has become a less peaceful place. As long as there is a difference, there is a conflict. Conflict is an inevitable fact of human being. The question is its type i.e. whether it is violent conflict or not and the choice we make to handle it

Creative way of managing difference is the heart of peace. We all have a unique culture, value, language, and lifestyle. We are from a different home, community and region. The secret is about creating a room of unity without damaging & abolishing the difference.

A peaceful world starts from a peaceful home and a peaceful community. We can contribute and play a major role in building a peaceful world. We can fix things by what we are thinking and doing starting from where we stand as a parent, as a family member, as a teacher, as a student, as a worker, as a leader, as an artist, as…..

We need a culture of peace. It is not only because we deserve it rather because it is a sign of high mental and social status of a community and / or a nation.

A nation could be a more peaceful nation based on a given criteria/measure.  However, its peacefulness should also include or consider the level of involvement in others nation peace-building

and vise verse.  And this should include the visible and invisible hands of governments and multilateral corporations.

Peace is the need of every human being in this world. And the password is democracy not autocracy, negotiation not argument, love not hate, fairness & justice not unrighteous both at front-line and behind the scene.


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