I can not even count by now how many times I heard fellows cry about their stipends and how lonely, broke they are and that there is nothing fun going on. Excuse me? In BAY AREA? This place is filled with free events. Below I mention my favourite sources for cheap fun, if you are not based in SF you still can use those 🙂

  1. Jukely ( https://www.jukely.com/ )
    Concert membership for people who breathe music. Fall in love with a new band every week from $25/mo.
    Yes, you heard it right. $25 per month and you can attend concerts every day! Of course, Jukely supports local smaller bands but it is a great opportunity to explore new music. Especially, if you are in Bay Are, Oakland has the most fascinating young bands. I strongly recommend this app.
  2. Meetup ( https://www.meetup.com/ )
    Find Meetups so you can do more of what matters to you. Or create your own group and meet people near you who share your interests.
    This is so fun! I met a guy who just wants to throw a baseball every Wednesday and head to a bar after, so every Wednesday you can practice your pitcher skills and meet new people. But my favourite gotta be group created by a successful female CFO, Christine Price – SF Girl Bosses. <3 Love at first sight. They have open free event for women, topics cover all the business sides that women often don’t represent. I personally attended the one on personal finances – how to be your own SFO. Btw, the owner runs a very cool blog called “Free the Nikel”.

    3. Couchsurfing ( https://www.couchsurfing.com/ )
    I always think that everyone knows about this one but as it turns out there is still plenty of people who are unaware of this cool platform.
    “Meet and Stay with Locals All Over the World.”
    You can meet travelers and locals, create hangouts with random requests like “Wanna eat clam chowder in an hour” and you will have multiple people joining you. Couchsurfing stays very active 24/7, I met a Russian traveling entrepreneur who randomly turned out to be in my neighborhood and thanks to him I found out the coolest bar ever, which was 20 min away from me close to the ocean. How could I miss that? People plan trips together and share tips, but most importantly Couchsurfers always welcome each other in their home countries. Super cool!

There are definitely more awesome platforms but these three are my top favourites 🙂 Enjoy!