GLL came and went with a bang, as always. Satellite fellows went back to their duty posts. As always, GLL provides us with information overload, hopefully, by now you have recovered. Now is the time to digest it over the first few weeks. Not to worry, here are a few steps/tips to help you with organizing your thoughts together;

Compile Your notes from the sessions

I am hoping by now you have a folder somewhere named “Atlas Corps GLL 2019-2020” (depending on your cohort”). Put all your notes together in one place and try as much as possible to remember what each session was all about. Highlight the key takeaways so that you can always go back and reference them if need be.

Catch Up on Your Business Cards

If you are crazy about business cards, then you probably got a bunch of them and they are staring at you on your study tables, looming in your pocket if you did put one in there and if you are not careful you will wash it with your laundry. Stop the above from happening, I recommend that you either have a “box” where you put all your business cards after an event or rather simply photograph each one with your mobile phone. This makes them easily accessible and backed up on the cloud for future reference. Whatever you do, just make sure that you don’t lose them. Always do the needful with the business cards which is reaching out to those people and try and remember as much as possible why you took the business card in the first place. Use that as a basis for either starting or keeping the conversation going. In other words, personalize the email. Let the email spark their memory. Remember you met them, I probably did as well and someone else too, etc.. Bonus point: Always write notes on the card, this will come in handy when writing that email or starting that conversation. 

LinkedIn connections and always keep the conversation going.

This happens to be my favorite tool of connection after an event. Send a linked request as soon as you can. Make sure to add a note to it. This could be a conversation that you and the speaker or a fellow had a chat about or something that resonates with you from his/her (be gender-sensitive) presentation. Do it within 24hrs if need be. This is your time to “shine”. If you took a picture that highlights some of the events with your teammates or the speaker. This is the time to highlight those. Be mindful of the channel of communication.

Assignments or to-do list

Is there an activity or a reading that was mentioned by your connection during the GLL, please take time and watch it or read upon it. If possible, share your thoughts with them and don’t forget to thank them at the end.

Reflect on the GLL goals

Did you get to achieve your goals for the GLL? If you had certain goals for the GLL that you wanted to achieve and did not get a chance to do. This is the time to reflect and write them down and follow up. Is there a fellow you wanted to speak to? A speaker you would want to be in touch with? Do it.

Also, apart from the evaluation forms, this is a good time to contact the training committee about your thoughts and what you would want to see in the next GLL. PS: we listen, we are cool like that! 

Don’t forget to share it with your departmental team / Thank you.

Have coffee walks and share with your team what Atlas Corps GLL is about. After all, they haven’t seen you for a week. This provides some form of accountability to yourself and to your supervisor. Your host organizations signed a contract that you will be attending GLL, however, a little thank you for allowing you to attend the Immersion goes a long way. In  addition, this is the time to shine about Atlas Corps. Talk about something that your organization can also benefit from this experience. Talk about why other organizations can also benefit from hosting at Atlas Corps fellow and provide additional information if need be.

Start thinking about the next GLL, let’s go… #Keep #the #conversation #going #AC36