There are many things in life that you cannot get used to no matter how many times you did it before:

…traveling, getting sick or breaking bones, starting a new job, throwing yourself into something unexplored before, breaking up, moving…

Every single time they will be equally unknown, hard, frightening, and that is normal, I guess!

For the past nine years I called “home” six different countries, and exactly the same amount of times I packed all my belongings into two suitcases (one is bright blue, and another one is pink) to start things over in a new city/country/continent (does not really matter if it was due to studies or work) .

You cannot appreciate it, as in the process you are seeing so many different things, and gaining a massive life experience!

But at some point, you just realize that moving to a new place is definitely not only about the “moving” part, but also about going back somewhere afterwards. And in my case the latter part crucial.

Because if the first case you know to where you are going, or at least you assume/suppose/guess, and in addition your head is busy with planning, preparing and setting up, then when you leave the place that was your home for a year, or maybe years, you go from everything that was built to nothing. And the worse part is about the people. It is always about people, all those people whom you love, but who will most probably slowly fade away with long distance and time. This is something you will never learn how to get over.