Everyone has a unique formula of success, mixing their own peculiar ingredients to shape their personal definition of success. Theodore Roosevelt said “The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people”; to which I strongly agree.

Building and maintaining good personal and professional relationships will make you more engaged and committed to your goals in life; and can open doors to key projects, career advancement, personal and professional growth and simply, happiness!  Without a group of people dedicating their talent and skills to the achievement of an organization, there will be no progress or success.

Atlas Corps paves the way to success by handing out one of its most important ingredients: The right network. A network of talented, inspiring, strong and like minded people from all over the world.

Take the time and get to know your fellow fellows, colleagues, local ambassadors and your professional peers. You’ll find them to be good listeners, caring and considerate, and even if they don’t find a direct way to help you when stating your problems, they will help you be more hopeful and optimistic and will get you back on “positivity” track. 

This kind of network will give you time and remain present in this time. 

So do your homework: break the ice and start meaningful conversations. Reach out on social media, show gratitude and give kudos as a sincere and genuine appreciation for your fellow fellows’ help. Schedule check-ins or small get-togethers whenever it’s possible and be a genuine giver.

Within this fellowship, creating  healthier, worthy, genuine and long-lasting relationships has never been easier !