When in search of a new home, we often hesitate between living quietly, alone or in a roommate. This last solution represents all the benefits, beyond the financial aspect.

  1. Friendship

Having roommates allows you to share good times with other people. So yes, the first few days may seem difficult, but it takes just the time to get to know the person, before there are wonderful moments with 2, 3 or more. In addition, done with low moments, all alone to mope in your bed or in front of a TV show. This time, you’ll have the opportunity to watch, Game Of Thrones with your roommates/friends (sorry for those who do not watch). Living with other people will open your mind, you will discover other ways of life, other tastes, especially in music (unless this person shares the same musical taste as you) but also create unique links!

  1. Savings

We should admit that the main interest of the roommate is mainly to divide the costs of life … A fact that is not negligible when you are a student and you do not work outside! In addition to the rent that is shopping, rental charges, bills, exceptional expenses (plumbing…) are too. As a result, you end up with a little bit of purchase power at the end of the month!

  1. A large network

Meeting one or more roommates is really great and it’s a huge benefit! However, there is another even better: the meeting with the friends of your roommate. So yes, the first few times can be a little awkward, you may not hang out with all the circle of friends. But no doubt there are some with whom the feeling will pass. You will have even more opportunities to go out and especially, to make new friends.

  1. The meal, a new moment to prepare

Having a person with whom to share your meal is very important, it saves you from ingesting your food face to face with … yourself! But that’s not all, for the evenings when the fridge is empty or almost, you will have, with many brains, more imagination to cook enough to feed you. But above all, the more we are, the easier it is to have ideas of what to eat once at home. No more traditional “ketchup pasta” when you have no imagination. You will be able to celebrate the arrival of new recipes in your diet and dishes that you would not have tasted in normal times.

  1. No more letting go

Living with others can help you finally get rid of bad habits. You find, among other things, a new rhythm of life, since you are no longer alone and that the carelessness is no longer appropriate. Cleaning is done, storage is again one of your priorities. It is no longer possible for you to leave behind your trash, candy papers, cakes or ice creams everywhere in the apartment or you will be lectured by the roommate. And you can claim to your parents being no longer the same person!