In 2020, Atlas Corps celebrates the role that technology plays in addressing critical social issues around the world with our theme of Advancing Technology for Humanity. Now, more than ever, technology is playing a key role in connecting people, advancing innovations, and achieving positive social impact.

Today we want to talk about our current Fellow Pratyush Soday (Class 38, India).

Name: Pratyush Soday

Home Country: India

Host Organization: National Academy Of Public Administration

Role at current organization: Fundraising & Development Fellow

What did you do before the Fellowship and what do you currently do serving at your Host Organization?

Before the Fellowship, I was the Assistant Manager for Business Development at Naandi Community Water Services. While working there, I focused my efforts on partnership building as well as business development to ensure safe drinking water to the underserved communities in India. Technology is so important in this because with the advancements in filtration we can have cleaner water and by advancing communication technology we can disseminate this information faster and more accurately. This way, people know whether their water is clean or not, and have methods to make changes if it is not clean.

At the National Academy Of Public Administration, I am happy to be serving as the Fundraising and Development Fellow where I identify key partners and engage them to mobilize resources for addressing the Grand Challenges in public administration. These Grand Challenges are some of the biggest issues that governments will face during the next ten years. There are 12 main Grand Challenges, which you can read more about here, but one that I want to highlight is the challenge to Create Modern Water Systems for Safe and Sustainable Use. This is the global issue that I want to improve using technology, #Tech4WaterResilience, as it can provide the basic necessities people need every day.

How do you benefit from technology as an individual as well as in your organizations?

Apart from providing the basics necessities and comforts of everyday life, technology helps me, personally, connect with people from across the globe and access an abundance of knowledge through these partnerships. Technology helps me capture and communicate social impact in an engaging and motivating manner. By networking on social media, emailing, and creating graphics to disseminate information, we are better able to communicate and inspire each other to these social causes.

What is the most valuable thing that the Atlas Corps experience gave you?

The Atlas Corps Fellowship gave me an opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and a new perspective on impact creation. Atlas Corps changed my life by expanding my point of view and bringing into focus opportunities for capacity building that I can apply myself to. Now, I am networking with Fellows from many different countries and experiences that I would not have met had we not all been a part of the Atlas Corps Fellowship.

What would you say to someone who is considering to apply to the Fellowship, or an organization considering hosting an Atlas Corps Fellow?

To those who are considering applying for an Atlas Corps Fellowship, I would say that it is a unique experience that allows for opportunities as you grow and develop with new perspectives. To an organization considering to host an Atlas Corps Fellow, I would say that Atlas Corps Fellows see the fellowship as a responsibility to amplify their impact and a commitment and to explore new perspectives. These attributes translate to fresh eyes, high motivation, and shared success in a team.

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