Sudeshna Mukherjee is an alumni representative on the Atlas Corps Board of Directors. With nearly 9 years of professional experience in program management and resource mobilization across national and international nonprofits, Sudeshna was awarded the Atlas Corps Fellowship in March 2011 as part of Class 6 to serve at GlobalGiving Foundation in Washington, DC. As part of the project team, she learned the inner workings of an international non-profit cum online fundraising platform with presence in 120+ countries. An independent international development consultant, Sudeshna recently concluded a global health project working with Assist International [core partner for GE Foundation] to support the partner interface, managing communication and analysis of the Developing Health Globally™ funded projects. She lead the Stories from the Field initiative collecting stories of change and impact of DHG’s work in the field, visiting Honduras, Kenya and Rwanda. She also worked on developing key communication material and benchmarking studies for the donor. Her other recent consultancy assignments have included managing a social media initiative on behalf of London-based Management Centre, devising resource mobilization strategy for the Democratic Governance Group, a unit of the United Nations Development Programme in New York and finally, managing outreach and PR for the recently concluded Bach In the Subways Day 2014 that was eventually featured on the Daily Beast. Sudeshna is also a published contributor to Global Fundraising, written by a team of philanthropy leaders and considered a must-have for INGO leaders and anyone, anywhere, interested in the future of philanthropy and effective fundraising practices. Sudeshna earned a Masters in Social Work from Tata Institute of Social Sciences and a Masters Certificate in Resource Mobilization and Management from S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai, India. As a travel-enthusiast, she enjoys exploring different cultures and communities and embracing their practices.