Few years back, the hype was organizational performance and the factors to improve that organizational performance and profits. Today, one webinar by Sihah Sheikh about maximizing the personal performance made me realize the shift towards the human and leadership development for the sustainable progress in all sectors. I would like to share the steps of maximizing the personal performance. There are seven steps:

  1. Growth Mindset-Impulsive desire to grow is prerequisite to perform and progress in professional and personal life.
  2. Passion powered Energy-It consists of internal along with external energy to passionate you for achieving your purpose in life.
  3. Life Plan-To maximize the performance, a life plan is necessary,following the progress against these plans.
  4. Peak Fitness-Be physically, mental and spiritual fit to achieve your goals.
  5. Positive Mental Center-The strength to respond anything with positivity and always feed your mind with positivity.
  6. Relationships- Develop healthy relationships and nurture them.
  7. Responsibility- Take responsibility of your actions. You have ability to respond.

Following these steps with consistency and accountability towards your performance will ensure the best outcome.

Thanks Sihah for sharing this.