Vassia Papachristou lives in Athens, Greece. She studied Finance and Accounting at Athens University of Economics and Business and later on she earned a Master’s degree in Charity Marketing and Fundraising (City University London). She works as Head of Finance for METAdrasi, a Greek NGO with the mission of facilitating the reception and integration of refugees and migrants in Greece. She started working for METAdrasi as Finance manager at the beginning of the refugee emergency in Europe. In her capacity as Finance Manager, she had to adapt to work with projects more than tripled the annual budget while at the same time trying to find ways to cope with this increase to create and adapt systems better suited to monitoring and controlling the activities. Prior to that, Vassia worked for the Hellenic Cardiac Society, a scientific organization that provided scholarships to young Greek doctors in top universities around the world. She is devoted to a career in the nonprofit sector and passionate about the protection of human rights, especially children and minority groups.