Sarah Musengya is an educator and humanitarian with a strong passion for improving access, quality, and holistic lifelong education for marginalized children in fragile contexts. She has seen what it means to be a girl growing in the rural areas of Kenya — negative exposure to tribal brutality, harmful social and cultural practices, poor teaching practices, harsh environmental conditions, poverty, and chronic corruption hindering the full realization of quality education. These realities do not only trouble her as an educator but as a mother who, like any parent, wants the best for her children. Sarah is an alumna of the Young African Leaders Initiative, holds a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Education in Emergencies, and a Master’s degree in Project Planning and Management and Bachelors in Education. Sarah has a knack for Monitoring and Evaluation and holds a certificate in Statistical Package for Social Scientists. Sarah has over nine years of experience in the non-profit sector managing a range of education projects in both development and emergencies. She is an Education Coordinator for Norwegian Refugee Council where she leads the design and implementation of an Accelerated Education. She has worked with other NGOs such as Concern World Wide, World Vision and Aga Khan Foundation. She is enthusiastic about sharing knowledge, skills, and volunteers with the Inter-agency Network of Education in Emergencies in the teacher wellbeing reference group. Her five-year plan is to be in the forefront of developing contextually relevant inclusive frameworks that influence global education policies for vulnerable groups.