Narovana Radavidrason has three years of experience in the nonprofit sector and earned a Master’s degree in Economics and Management with a focus in Macroeconomics and Public Economy from the Catholic University of Madagascar. As the Alliance 3.0 Project Coordinator for the Alliances Françaises in Madagascar, Narovana is responsible for the project management, financial management, and reporting. She establishes the action plan, does the monitoring, and supports the Alliance Françaises through missions and training. She volunteered at Lemur Conservation Network as the Regional Coordinator of the World Lemur Festival in Madagascar in 2020, where she sensitized and helped NGOs in celebrating the World Lemur Day. Previously, she worked for WWF Madagascar as a Finance Assistant for two years. She was the portfolio manager responsible for the Explore project, which supports the volunteers of WWF Madagascar. Making budget, following-up the expenses, and doing the forecast and the financial reporting were her main roles. Through these experiences, she gained skills in project coordination, in the financial management of a project, and in group facilitation techniques and methods. Narovana’s main area of particular interest is the conservation of the environment.