Khaled Hussein has five years of experience in the non-profit sector and earned a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy from the Islamic University of Gaza. While working as Teaching Assistant at Islamic University of Gaza, he participated in the delivery of clinical courses at the university and various hospitals, taught and facilitated the educational process, led the delivery of clinical courses, and conducted many extracurricular activities to improve students’ personal skills such as time management, effective studying, and following evidence-based practice in the field of research. While working as Teaching Assistant, he acquired many skills including networking with professionals. He was a Team Leader and physiotherapist for a year at the National Center for Community Rehabilitation. He led the home care team that visited the disabled people and provided physical rehabilitation services. Previously, Khaled volunteered for four years at the Islamic University Student Council, where he helped solve students’ problems and conducted training courses for students. During his community service, Khaled acquired many skills including: Networking and Problem-Solving. Khaled is interested in musculoskeletal rehabilitation and women’s health.