Ilika has received her education from eleven schools and had the opportunity to grow up experiencing the extraordinary cultural and social diversity across the length and breadth of India. She has completed her Bachelor’s degree in Economics with Honours from Shri Ram College of Commerce, New Delhi and is inclined towards issues related to development and economic inequality. She slowly developed an interest in Human Rights and went on to pursue her Master’s degree in that field. She wants to work at the intersection of human rights and global politics to address the legal, economic and political challenges in the realization of basic human rights worldwide. For this, she has completed her postgraduate diploma in Human Rights Law. She has two years of experience in the field of research as a Research Assistant in the Politics Initiative at Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi. Here, she developed the India Manifesto Project and undertook research related to elections, democracy, complexity of voters, and identity politics. She is currently working as a Banyan Impact Fellow with American India Foundation. Ilika has chosen to work in the field of prison reform and restorative justice with Turn Your Concern Into Action ‘TYCIA’ Foundation, New Delhi. She has a strong aptitude for qualitative research and is currently honing her project management skills. She is passionate about human rights, and wants to build a career in this field by gaining experience with international organisations. She eventually wants to pursue further specialised studies in this domain.