Fenohaja Ravoniarison has one year of experience in the nonprofit sector. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting Sciences from the National Institute of Accounting Sciences and Business Administration in Madagascar, as well as a Master’s degree in Accounting, Control, and Audit from the University of Poitiers in France. With her three years of experience as a Consultant, she is currently responsible for the supervision and coordination of the accounting team and ensures proper accounting records for a mining company based in Madagascar. Previously, she interned for a retirement fund and health organization, where she worked in the accounting department to handle membership fees, registration, and follow-up of cash flow and sales transactions. Fenohaja volunteered in a Biodiversity Tool Kit Project to collect and constitute endemic fauna and flora database in Madagascar. Through this experience, she developed her data treatment abilities and improved her relational and analytical skills on how to prevent and halt the loss of biodiversity. Fenohaja works actively on education, women’s entrepreneurship promotion, and is passionate about environment conservation.