I blogged this on my personal blog, but wanted to share it here.

Before being branded as a blaspheming ranging heathen, I barely apply REASON, reason beyond the whitewash of a man in robes, who says he speaks for a higher being. A man, who outside their religious places of worship, would participate in the lynching of a cross-dresser in a robe, in the name of words from a book. Their justification?  That how dare a man dress in a gown like a woman? That how dare a man subjugate his masculinity to look like a person of the weaker sex?

Religious leaders who continue to preach selective faith based messages against sexual minority persons are guilty of socially sanctioned discrimination. The homophobic hostility that is emanating from religious institutions across the world has provided justification for families to turn against and reject their own kin and driven them to such despair and hopelessness that they lack any motivation to live any form of fulfilling life. The society offers no reprieve, feeding on their vulnerability and stripping them of human dignity.

Cherry picking clobber verses in scripture, faith leaders claim to speak for the society, and bask in the glory of damning so called abominations who they claim, will be the death of mankind. “Learned friends” come out in hordes adding that homosexuals will take over the world in political, social and economic spheres that will render “normal” heterosexuals as the segregated minority.

Oh! And, do not forget the famous quote that “homosexuality is unafrican and against Christian teachings”. Never mind that Christianity was imposed on Africans by colonial masters, as are the draconian laws left behind by the same colonialists. Religious leaders talk ill of the international community that calls out human rights violations and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. That the international community is “pushing western agendas and social deviant behaviours” while recruiting children and turning them homosexual.

The same institutions remain silent when women are subjected to corrective rape in order to cure them of lesbianism. In some communities, the girls are forced to marry the perpetrators. In other religious doctrines, the victims are publicly flogged and stigmatized. It is common for lesbians to be accused of causing the men to rape them, for challenging their masculinity.

Spiritual leaders take front seat in engendering bigotry.  “Love the sinner, hate the sin!” Destructive practices such as coercive therapy and ‘praying the gay away’, coupled with the trauma of rejection and abandonment result to self-loathing of same-sex loving persons. The very essence condemns an individual for who they are. All in the name of centuries old translated scrolls.

My simple reason, before one airs their very loud share of hellfire and brimstone upon another person that they know nothing about, for who they are, I may just ask a poignant question: is it really about them, or more about you? What is your reason?

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