The world is small, isn’t it? 

Nine months ago, I first met Jordan when he came to Vietnam for an international internship in environmental protection through Student Exchange Vietnam (the company I was working for before leaving for the US), and I was lucky enough to be his program coordinator back then. And guess what? We had just bumped into each other in Los Angeles (LA) a few days ago as we were both visiting the city for Christmas. This was truly one present that I did not expect at all for this year, but of course a wonderful one. It was even more incredible to see both him and his lovely partner at the same time. We met at Union Station where people come and go and left for Boba (also known as bubble/milk tea) in China Town which is close by. It was really kind of them to travel all the way by metro from Long Beach where their hotel was to Downtown for two hours just to have a brief reunion with me over Boba, the drink they had never had before (I was so glad that they liked it too).

Thank you so much, Jordan! I wish you joy for the rest of your California trip and hope to catch up somewhere else!

Meet Jordan


Los Angeles, 12/2018.