In this blog, I share some insights on measuring the impact of partnerships for achieving complex social change. Detailed account here.

To successfully implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, we must swiftly move from commitments to action. To do that, we need strong, inclusive, and integrated partnerships at all levels.”

UN Secretary-General BanKi-moon

Insight I: Understanding the Purpose and Stakeholders of the Evaluation

A successful evaluation starts by understanding the purpose of the partnership and identifying relevant stakeholders. The evaluation can identify partnership strengths, areas for improvement, and guide partnership activities. Stakeholders can include funders, partnership members, leadership, community leaders, and others who can ensure the use of the evaluation.

Insight II: Flexibility in Evaluation Planning

While having a plan is essential, leave room for uncertainty. Using a logic model or narrative covering purpose, resources, activities, outcomes, and context can help guide the evaluation.

Insight III: Asking the Right Questions

Evaluating partnerships requires crafting appropriate questions aligned with the purpose of the evaluation and the stage of the partnership. Questions could cover aspects such as partner diversity, leadership, resources, communication practices, decision-making, and more, depending on the evaluation’s scope.

Insight IV: Contribution vs. Attribution

Measuring the impact of partnerships can be challenging, as it is often difficult to attribute outcomes solely to the partnership. Differentiating between contribution and attribution helps provide a more holistic view of the partnership’s role in creating change.

Insight V: Continuous Stakeholder Engagement

Consistent reporting to stakeholders is essential to maintain relevance, credibility, and ownership. Transparency in measuring impact is crucial, ensuring open communication about what is being measured, who is involved, and how links are justified from inputs to impact.

Ultimately, partnerships play a crucial role in addressing global challenges and making meaningful progress toward the SDGs. It is essential that the progress and the lessons learnt from partnerships are documented.

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