I had an interesting conversation with beautiful people from different culture. I was the only one in group from Pakistan. We started to discuss different cultures. The culture of Pakistan is influenced by religion and shared history with India and Bangladesh of British rule in Continent. One of my friend asked that Why men don’t wear wedding ring in Pakistan if they are married.

I knew this information before but I never thought about it with the explicit question of why. I responded her briefly that we don’t have culture of wearing rings to show marriage status.

Later, I reflect on the question and try to figure out detailed response with context. As mentioned above that Pakistan culture is mainly influenced by religion and shared history with other South Asian countries. We don’t have open culture to approach anyone or even ask for date. We have traditional cultural in which it is not appropriate enough to ask someone openly for a date.

Alongside, few school of thought in religion discourage men to wear any sort of jewelry.

I came up with these two reasons for not wearing wedding ring. There might be more embedded in history and culture.


Dedicated to beautiful souls!