As per my opinion, one of the most critical things in a human’s psyche is Regret so I will be discussing about this topic today. Everybody have heard of this phrase quite often “I wish” or “I wish I have done that’ or “I wish I have not left my job” etc. anything which leads you to regret in life. I had the opportunity, but I did not take it, or I could have done better, but I did not. The best way to guard yourself from the regrets is to familiarize yourself with it. Try to learn from people’s experience the ones which have available studies and research on this topic.

There was a research study which was based on regrets of people in life, when those people were interviewed few common findings were discovered. One of the main reasons of regrets in keeping yourself busy with work and forgetting about your personal space and time. In addition, you forget your relationships, don’t make efforts for them. I believe that the main source of stress management is your family and relationship. If your relationship or family matters are disturbed by any means, whatever you do for your stress management (e.g. exercise, yoga, breathing therapy etc.) there is a high probability that they are not going to work. These relationships have their own healing power, I have seen many people who are very good professionals, but they do not have a good family life (although its their personal matter but it contributes towards your overall life). Relationships should not be based on give and take.

Moreover, most of them admitted that as they grow older in life they forgot to stay happy because they get busy in work life that they forget about relationships. They should try to stay happy in their life even for small things and gestures, if you turn around and analyze your life, you will realize that you should have been more thankful for yourself and what this life have given to you. There is one more thing in life which is important, try to spread happiness because it has a different kind of satisfaction. Just imagine you resolve a problem of a person who is stuck in a very critical situation or you have made somebody life easier, which has brought a smile on their face, I believe that is the best satisfaction of its kind.

There is one more takeaway from this study, that people said they follow trends in life but do not innovate and try something new in life. Whatever profession they have spent their life, they tried to remain on the same founded path and did not experiment, try new trends or style. Remember, if you keep following or doing the same thing, this will lead to regret one day because every person has a potential to do something new. Eventually you will realize that you should have don’t things differently, people should work on their potential and try to find a new world. They had a potential so do something new, but they never tried and now if you ask them after spending the whole life they would say, “I wish I should have tried those things in life”.

One more thing is that people who were involved in the study they said we have done so much hard work which was not needed because when they turn around they realize this work could have done through smart work rather than hard work. To live a better life “Try to work smart then work hard” although hard work is required but smart work will give you efficient results. There was a last regret that in our busy lives we forget about our relationships, friends, family members and try to move on.

Remember “The richest people in this world is the one with Friends, Family and People around them to listen and share, the poorest person is the one with no Friend, no Family and no People around them to listen and all alone.”