Botswana Flag

The magical sunsets of the Okavango Delta? Perhaps camel rides in the Kalahari Desert? Long walks across the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans? Meeting the Big Five at one of the Game Reserves?

So many options!

But whatever your interests, you are guaranteed to enjoy Botswana’s majestic landscapes. Miles of vast open spaces and warmth from our people is a sure way of knowing YOU HAVE ARRIVED! You may be greeted by dance, mogolokwane or PULA! (I talk more on this in a previous BLOG)

The blue, black and white flag defines the diversity of our nation. BLUE is water – a beloved resource that the Kalahari Desert thirsts for and the grass longs for. BLACK and WHITE – depicts the racial diversity and harmony. We are all sorts of melanin color tones in our land. The zebra our national animal captures these brush strokes in the most beautiful way.

Lesedi La Rona ~ third-largest diamond ever found and the second-largest of gem quality

One of the world’s poorest countries at independence Bechuanaland has gradually become one of the world’s development success stories. Botswana has re-defined herself through good governance and economic management. She is truly a beauty with diamonds on the soles of her feet (Literally!).

It is so easy for me to be poetic about a land that birthed me. The story of Botswana is captured through stories told by natives and visitors alike. Do catch up on some good humor reads The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency books and series. The movie A United Kingdom is a true story that captures a love journey that eventually redefined the destiny of a tribe and an entire nation.

We are fighters! We cried many tears and came face-to-face with HIV/AIDS that attempted to wipe out our nation. We face many other challenges and forge forward in the principles of botho (ubuntu), love and respect.

It is always a privilege and brings me the most joy to introduce friends to my flag and most importantly invite them to this beautiful land My Pride, Your Destination.

About the Author Agang K. Ditlhogo is currently an Atlas Corps Fellow serving as International Energy & Internet Fellow at Tetra Tech. An ICT4Development Practitioner by training and co-founder of The Clicking Generation