Travelling is my passion and I love exploring new places and sharing my advices with others. My last trip was to Vancouver, Canada. I had so much fun exploring so many new places, and I want to convey my experience to you. My fellowship with Atlas Corps was in Seattle at Washington State. Since it is 3 hours from Vancouver by car, I found it very similar to Seattle in terms of streets, bay to ocean, nature and hiking activities, and others. I actually consider both Seattle and Vancouver twin cities.

Things you need to know

If you want to book a place for lodging, you can book in the downtown in a hostel or in an area that is 30 min away from the downtown. Transportation is so easy and fast. You should book your accommodation something near the train. It is only few minutes and you will be in the downtown. It is also recommended to get the pass for one day if you were planning to use public transportation all the time. You also need to know that there is no Uber of Lyft. It is only public taxi that is so safe and monitored by cameras.

Once you arrive, you have to visit the downtown and walk in the streets. There is a restaurant called “Medina”. They make a very delicious Belgian waffles. Try it with the white chocolate and pistachio. All food and restaurants in general are good and lovely.

Recommended Places to Visit

After you visit the downtown, you may want to visit the sea wall and walk until the totem poles. It is very nice to take a pike for more enjoyment. Stanley park is not far away from the totem poles. You can actually reach out to the prosperous point and enjoy the wonderful view up there. It is really breathtaking, especially if you want to continue and walk over the lion gates bridge. 

1. Canada Place

It is a centralized place that has everything you need from food, clothes, and souvenirs. You can take a helicopter and take a close flight over Canada. Or, you can get the fly over Canada and enjoy different virtual views all over Canada. It is recommended if it was only your first time to do it.  

2. Capilano Suspension bridge

It is very adventurous to go there and go over the bridge. There are a lot of activities that you can do such as the tree adventure. It is a very nice place to relax, hike, eat, and listen to music. You can finish the whole park in 2 hours. There is also the cliff adventure where you can walk on the cliff and take crazy pictures.

3. Gastown

You can walk the whole Gastown in half an hour and enjoy the street and flowers. Don’t miss the steam clock while you are walking. It is very nice to take a picture and live the old history. It is one of the oldest clocks and rare ones in the world. So, it is very precious to watch it and read about it. One of the restaurants I liked in Gastown is the  old Spaghetti Factory.

4. Granville Island

I like islands so much and being on Granville island was so nice. I enjoyed walking in the Public market and see the decorations with food. It was very notable that in Vancouver and in Granville in specific, there was a variety of ice cream places. Take an ice cream and set down if front of the water and live the experience. The place is very crowded and full of so many people from all around the place. There are a lot of good street shows such as singing shows, comic shows, cercus shows, and others.

In general, I liked my trip to Vancouver. I defiantly would come again if I have the chance. If you are going, make a good plan for 3 days or 4 to make sure you enjoy all places there. It is cheaper if you buy the tickets online for parks and other destinations. Plan a head of time when buying online so that you can find tickets. I hope you enjoy your trip.