I want to be known as a person who upholds justice and common good of the people at all times. I am a person who puts a premium on respecting the dignity of every human being, and with it, I hold a respectful and compassionate heart towards others. I exhibit grace and authenticity when I relate with different personalities but I am certain that my gift of voice would facilitate for me to speak my mind, especially when I hear of any injustice. I value critical thinking which I allude to the great amount of discipline that my research and academic background have gifted me, and I make sure that it is carefully reflected in my words and actions. Occasionally, my feelings overtake my thinking, hence, there is a need to constantly reflect on this aspect of my personhood.

I want to be known as a leader who exemplifies excellence in the work that I do and in the relationship that I cultivate with my teammates. I possess qualities such as initiative, decisiveness, and leadership when it comes to tasks and responsibilities assigned to me. I set clear goals and high expectations and deliver only the best which I strive to mirror in my teammates. It allows me to demonstrate to everyone that we are all capable of doing many good things to serve others. With a strong regard for service, I value the need to collaborate with others to generate more ideas and strategies and maximize the gains of working together. I inject my management and facilitation skills to organize the work and deliver the greatest results.  More importantly, I have a very strong commitment to the things that I do, and I am very much willing to give more than 100% of my time, energy and resource. My strong inclination towards excellence pushes me towards being overtly calculating and serious with work, and sets high expectations but having low confidence on people to deliver the work. I have a low tolerance for inefficiency and have little patience for most of that I am not. These are things that I need to work on as I pursue my vision.