Living the life of on a fellowship means you get a lot of opportunities to meet people and experience the different culture and places. I have always wanted to experience the local festival/ culture and traditions. Thanksgiving is one of the things that I wanted to experience in the US.

So last week my supervisor invited me to join her for Thanksgiving dinner. I was so happy and without giving another though I said yes to her. On Thanksgiving Day, we went to Maryland to her Cousin’s home. We were 10 people in total. We had varieties of food that they had prepared for the dinner including Turkey obviously.

We were talking and playing with the little kid. I listened to them talking about their childhood and their family and other relatives. It was such a nice experience to be with family. Throughout the dinner, I saw no one was using their mobile. This was probably the one thing that I experienced and never took the picture of it except the one before we prepared the dinner. I do remember the clear picture of it and I will always cherish the beautiful evening spent with an American family.

I am thankful for the opportunities that I have got through this fellowship. Thank you, Atlas Corps!