by Hojeong (Programs & Training Intern)

As a Program & Training Intern at Atlas Corps, my role is to support the Global Leadership Lab program. I’ve helped to organize all aspects of the January and April Orientation and January and June Immersion. I was also involved in recruiting the Fellows. I joined Atlas Corps as an Asan Young Fellow, a special initiative for emerging South Korean professionals implemented by the Asan Academy.

Throughout my internship at Atlas Corps, I had the opportunity to meet many people who are seeking to make the world a better place. Working with the Fellows and Atlas Corps staff, I could vividly see how their mission drives them to succeed in all aspects of life. Ultimately learning the importance of mission when establishing and running a nonprofit.

The experience in the Atlas Corps office also inspires me. The most impressive aspect of office culture at Atlas Corps is ‘TeamTime’ and ‘Shout out’. At the last moment of a Team meeting, everyone in Atlas Corps complemented each other, showing their gratitude for each others ‘specifically’. It makes the staff motivated and informs one another of their work progress. My time with Programs Team has been a good opportunity for learning. I got to know how important that team works, further learning the importance of teamwork.

Overall, my five month experience at Atlas Corps makes me believe in the impact ‘one’ person  can make. There are many people at Atlas Corps who believe the ability to a lasting impact can be done each by one person . I  will continue to understand the importance of the people and try to make a good impact in the world.

About Asan Academy

The Asan Academy is a scholarship program created by Asan Institute for Policy Studies and Asan Nanum Foundation. The purpose of this program is fostering young Korean leaders. To achieve this purpose, Asan Young Fellows participate in a ten-month long program of training and overseas internship. Training includes studying liberal arts including Western and Eastern philosophy, sports activities and private lectures. The Asan young fellows are assigned to different institutions in Washington DC based on the interest and specialty of each.