Atlas Corps volunteers are essential to the organization for making sure things run smoothly. Today, we would like to talk more about Atlas Corps Group Captains. Our Group Captains facilitate monthly peer coaching groups as part of our new Virtual Leadership Institute, an online learning community for global social change leaders from around the world.

Today we talk with Yehuda, a Group Captain of the Atlas Corps Virtual Leadership Institute. Yehuda is the Faculty Diversity Postdoctoral Fellow at Ursuline College in the United States. As an Atlas Corps Group Captain, he helps create a productive environment for co-learning, developing leadership projects, and guiding discussions about leadership and social impact.

Name: Yehuda Silverman

Home Country: Canada

Current Organization: Ursuline College

Role at current organization: Faculty Diversity Postdoctoral Fellow

Social Issue/Interest Area: Peace Building

Fun fact: A few years ago, I was teaching English online to a student in Kurdistan, and I shared with him that I might see him one day where he lived. My student was doubtful I would be in Kurdistan in the near future, though one year later, I messaged him that I would be in Kurdistan for a peace conference and was hoping we could have a reunion. He was surprised and couldn’t believe it! We did meet and continue to keep in touch; it truly is a small world!


Why did you decide to volunteer for Atlas Corps as a Group Captain?

I received an email about becoming a Group Captain and immediately applied, as I wanted to make a positive impact during these challenging times. As a peacebuilder, it is important to be connected locally, globally, and digitally! The Virtual Leadership Institute is a phenomenal opportunity to connect with scholars worldwide and support them in their social impact projects.

How has volunteering with Atlas Corps impacted you?

Building peace digitally with the Atlas Corps Virtual Leadership Institute has been an uplifting experience because of all the connections I have made and will continue to make with scholars! Additional initiatives shared on Slack that I have enjoyed taking part in, particularly from scholars who invited me to attend and participate in unique events related to peace-building. During our peer group coaching calls, I learned more about the lives of each scholar from around our world and the vital work they are doing. We were together for nearly three hours during our last group call as we all discussed our journeys and dreams for the future. We continue to stay connected and are currently planning another group call very soon!

What message would you like to send to individuals who are thinking of volunteering with Atlas Corps as a Group Captain?

Being a Group Captain is a unique experience, as you can make a positive impact during the peer group calls and see the scholars’ transformations as everyone goes through this journey together. There is always something happening, and I highly recommend becoming a Group Captain and hope to see you on Slack in the future!

Atlas Corps Scholar Selma (Cohort 1, Algeria) shares, “The Virtual Leadership Institute taught me that even virtually you can build a strong network, a network that I would call family from the Atlas Corps team to the scholars, they all became part of my life and are valuable connections to me. In the last few months, I developed strong connections, learned the best practices from the different leaders I worked with. I was always excited to start a class and join our group calls because every time I was so inspired by each individual, very proud to say that I’m an Atlas Corps Alumna!” 

About her group captain, Selma said, “Yehuda is such a thoughtful person. He is very kind, always positive and smiling. I was honored to be part of his team, and he is a good lecturer and masters the topics he presents. I enjoyed his company and the presence of my whole group, and we were a fun, hard-working group! I will miss our calls, all our exchanges and useful insights, and especially our laughter. Thanks, Captain, you will be missed. “

Thank you, Yehuda, and our hundreds of volunteers who help achieve the Atlas Corps mission every day. Learn more about becoming a volunteer at

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Photo from Yehuda’s personal archive