Meet Indrias Rosmeifinda, one of our newest global changemakers who is inspiring positive change in our world.

Name: Indrias Rosmeifinda

Home Country: Indonesia

Host Organization: Women’s World Banking

Role at Host Organization: Policy Advocacy Fellow

Social Issues: Civic Engagement; Education; Gender and Women’s Rights

Indrias is a rising development and humanitarian leader from Indonesia passionate about children’s rights, youth development, and women’s empowerment. As part of her Fellowship, Indrias will be serving full-time at Women’s World Banking as their Policy Advocacy Fellow.


Today, Indrias shares with us some of her lessons on leadership and her goals during the Atlas Corps Fellowship.

What does leadership mean to you?

True leadership, in my view, is about fostering collaboration and synergy among diverse groups of people, irrespective of their cultural backgrounds. A true leader actively listens to the perspectives and ideas of others, values diversity and is able to create a safe and inclusive environment where everyone is free to speak up their mind and feels heard and valued. It entails being open to learning from different cultures and contexts, and willing to embrace innovative approaches to address the communities that we serve. Most importantly, leadership is not about asserting authority but rather empowering individuals within the team to take ownership of their work and contribute their unique skills and expertise. A good leader fosters a culture of continuous growth and development as well as investing in the professional and personal growth of team members.

What are you most excited about joining Atlas Corps as a Fellow?

I am excited about being a part of the global community and the prospect of expanding my global network where there is an ample source of information and space for knowledge sharing, getting new professional opportunities and learning the best practices from the experts. I am also excited about the continuous professional support I will get as a Fellow as well as an Alumna later on.

Tell us about what you will be doing at Women’s World Banking and what you hope to gain from the experience?

I will be serving as a Policy Advocacy Fellow at Women’s World Banking where I will help the team accelerate the process of building the advocacy policy team and expertise in the organization, assist in delivering parts of the policy and advocacy strategy and goals set for the next five years. I will also be engaging policymakers and regulators in the area of women’s financial inclusion and encouraging them to make changes where needed to improve the enabling policy environment for women’s economic empowerment. What I am hoping to get out of this Fellowship is to gain new skillsets in the area of policy and advocacy for financial inclusion for women and to learn more about the research within the team as well as implementing gender mainstreaming and gender equality within the policy for women’s financial empowerment.


Thank you, Indrias, for sharing your leadership journey with us. We wish you and the rest of Class 50 the best of luck in the program!

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Photos from Indrias’ personal archive