Hi Guys!

Welcome to the month of November!

I still can’t believe we have just one month until the year is over! One thing I like to do every year is to do an impact assessment. That is, how impactful have I been this year, and one area I like to look at is in Giving.

Now, I can almost bet that the moment most of you heard the word giving, your mind went straight to money… Right?

Well, you are partly right, we all know that money is important, and in my opinion, money is the easiest thing to give. This is probably because I am bad at buying gifts, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE receiving gifts, but buying gifts is not one of my strongest points.

However, I believe giving goes beyond money, again, it is great to give money, especially if you’re a poor gift giver like me, or you just don’t have the time to think about what to get for people or to go shopping, giving money can go a very long way.

Nevertheless, let’s take one second to look at giving from a different perspective, like giving your time or talent. Choosing to volunteer for a good cause, or help babysit for your neighbor, taking you friends dog for a walk, or simply helping to mow the lawn of an aged relative or a stranger!

Although I am not one to believe that there is a specific time you are supposed to give, whatever way you give best, no matter how little you might think what you have to offer is, you’ll be surprised at how your small gesture can change a life. As a matter of fact, Atlas Corps is currently running a #GivingToday campaign and I think this is more than a worthy cause to give to. I mean, you won’t just be supporting a person, but a whole group of people from different parts of the world. You’ll be giving them an opportunity to experience a professional boost and in return changing the lives of many people whom they will be imparting with the skills they learn.

Take advantage of this season, clean out your wardrobe and give out those clothing you never wear. So many homeless people need winter clothing and you have them sitting in your wardrobe. Volunteer in a soup kitchen or in a community development program. I know you don’t have time, but you make out time for what is important to you.

You may not have the means to build a shelter for the homeless or cloth everyone on the street, but you don’t have to wait until you get there…. It’s the little act of kindness that goes a long way…

Make the year count…

Thank you!