The quality of our lives is tied to how much efforts we put in becoming a person of value. The level of progress we will make in life is dependent on the work we put in our personal growth and development. Life will always yes to that person who consistently works on themselves to become better. They will always be a person of value.

One of the things required of a leader in life is that they take steps every day to better themselves. This may be the learning of new skills, gaining knowledge, building new habits or dropping old once. This is a very challenging process as it requires diligence and consistency on a daily basis. As a leader, one must seek for possible ways possible to add value to themselves. This is a process that is usually challenging. There will obstacles to the process of personal development. But when you stay committed to it, the outcome is always rewarding. For instance, a man who decides to lose weight and build muscles will not find it comfortable. There will be days when he will not feel like going to the gym. But if he stays consistent and diligent to the cause, his body will reflect his efforts in no mind. This is what happens to us when we engage in self-development, it will in the outcomes of our lives.

The importance of self-development:

Self-development exposes your obstacles and challenges that breeds self-confidence in you when they are overcome. Self-development will expose you to self-knowledge and understanding of the process of success. This is because, the more engaged you are in any self-development process, the more the character and behavior of success formed in you. People who develop themselves will be the major players in the stage of life. But those who fail to grow while others are putting the effort to grow, they will stand by the road side of life and watching others who are making the efforts succeed.

There are different stages of self-development that exist, which we will consider below

Stages of Self-Development:

Dialogue: This is the first stage of self-development, which is to dialogue with yourself in an honest way and identify the elements of your strength and weakness; and set a plan for what you want to do with yourself when it comes to growth.

Consultation: This involves consulting experts, coaches, mentors or counseltors who would help provide you with guidance, coaching, mentoring, assistance or expert opinions.

Training and mentoring:  This involve getting past just receiving guidance or assistance. At this stage, you need to get the proper training through the help of your coach or mentor who would guide you through your journey.

Evaluation: You would need at this point to evaluate yourself after each stage, after each action.

Your knowledge about yourself: As you are guided by your coach or mentor, you would begin to walk the path of self-discovery. You would have to apply yourself to know more about yourself discover your abilities and work hard to develop them constantly.

Positive thinking: Every process of growth requires that you think positively. You cannot pull through the process of growth of you are not thinking positively through challenges and obstacles. Positive thinking positions you to make your ambition become achievable and a tangible reality.

Positive self-talk: the more dialogue you have with your soul the confessions of your mouth, the more you positively talk with yourself, the more the experiences align with the outcomes you desire to see at the end of the self-development process
Conduct wisely: One thing self- development process will do for you is to help you take advantage of all positive experiences as much as possible. It will help you conduct yourself wisely through all experiences.

Tackling difficult things: The more you face challenges and overcome them, the more you gain confidence in yourself. A man who sets a goal to lose weight will naturally feel more confident about their body. This stage helps to restoring self-confidence.

Self-Development Methods:

  • To practice life positively in all areas of daily activity.
  • Avoid negative references, such as (I cannot…), (I will not…), and replace them with positive ones such as : (I can ..) or (I will ..), which helps you to take firm decisions, no matter how difficult.
  • Fight the illusion, debauchery, and resist it as much as possible.
  • Do not transfer your experience of failure and frustration to others.  Resist the feeling that calls for laziness that wants to give birth to convenience and comfort.
  • Time management, good use and investment of time.
  • Independent decision-making as much as possible.
  • Avoid self-scolding, but constantly scold your conscience.
  • Believe in God and use   prayer as a tool to reinforce motivation for success. It will also help you forget the past and look towards the future. Frequent attention to the past slows down the work progress, especially what was a painful experience.

It is required of every leader to develop themselves constantly. It breeds competence and self-confidence. It is also important to see every new task given to us as an opportunity to learn new skills. Applying ourselves to produce an excellent outcome, rather than avoiding such challenge is the way of a great leader. This is the way of lifting yourself from nay to yay.