Atlas Corps celebrates its 15th anniversary! It is time to celebrate the achievements of our amazing network of over 1,100 leaders from 110 countries and share stories on the global impact of our Alumni, Fellows, and Scholars.

Join us as we speak with Hilton Prize Scholar Courtney (United States, Org: BRAC) from our inaugural cohort of the Hilton Humanitarian Prize Laureate Virtual Leadership Institute. Courtney is the Head of Communications for the BRAC Ultra-Poor Graduation Initiative. BRAC is an international nonprofit that is dedicated to designing scalable solutions for people and communities affected by poverty, illiteracy, disease, and social injustice.

Courtney, your efforts towards poverty eradication are an inspiration to us all! Thank you for sharing with us your global impact, as well as your personal and professional growth. We wish you the best with this impactful work!

Name: Courtney Calardo

Home Country: United States

Current Organization: BRAC Ultra-Poor Graduation Initiative

Role at current organization: Head of Communications

Social Issues that you have worked with: No poverty, Zero hunger, Gender equality

Tell us about projects you have worked on?

I oversee the development and execution of a robust communications strategy that involves promoting the visibility for BRAC and its Graduation Approach to support our efforts to scale, influencing dialogue around poverty eradication and related topics in order to put greater emphasis on the needs of people furthest behind, managing a team, and launching a new website.

Why is it important for you to work on poverty eradication?

I believe that it is unjust that hundreds of millions of people around the world are unable to meet their basic needs due to circumstances that are not under their control and because of that, everyone should have the right to access resources and information in order to meet those basic needs. I am using my own skills and resources to combat this injustice and support efforts to reach and meet the long-term needs of people who are currently left behind.

How has Atlas Corps contributed to your professional and personal accomplishments?

Being a Hilton Scholar has provided me access to resources and information on important leadership skills that I am committed to developing and enhancing, as well as a coach who has helped me navigate ways to use my skills to strengthen areas for improvement. I learned so much about myself and the kind of leader I want to be in today’s society during my time as a Scholar.

What advice do you have for applicants and current Scholars?

Before getting started, take some time to reflect on what you are hoping to achieve and to learn so you have a clear sense of how to best use your time and the resources provided to you.

What message would you like to send to individuals who support Atlas Corps?

Thank you for all of your support in making programs like the Hilton Scholars possible.

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Photo from Courtney’s personal archive